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Candies Packing Machine

Candies Packing Machine : Quality Packing At The Lowest Price

Dematics technology offers Candies Packing Machine through which Candies packing can be done quickly, efficiently and in the shortest possible time. Candiess is an industry of its own, wherein people produce different types of Candiess at home using various ingredients and small Candies making tools.

However after Candiess have been made in batches, they need to be appropriately packed, which can be done best using our equipment. It is robust, enabling you to pack a voluminous amount of Candiess with highest accuracy.

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Specifications :
Operating System PLC based Servo Drive
Machine Speed 60 -100 Pouch per minute
Product Length 1" - 6"
Product Width 1/2 " - 2.5 "(Film Open Width Max 200mm)
Product Height 1.5"
Main Motor 0.5 HP
AC Servo Motor & Servo Drive Make-TRIO MOTION TECHNOLOGY
Servo Motor 400W
Power Consumption 0.5 KWH
Machine Size (L x W x H) 53" x 23" x 52"
Machine Weight 120 KG

Why Opt For Our Candies Packing Machine?
When it comes to packing Candies, care must be taken to do it with precision. It is the Candies's wrapper that determines its condition, as one that is exposed to external elements will get stale and loose its taste. The wrapping must be done using a material that has the capacity to maintain the Candies's condition and it must also be sealed properly so that the Candies piece does not fall out. You can get the perfect wrapping done using the best quality wrapping material through our machine that has been designed to pack hundreds of Candies at the same time.

Our Candies Packing Machine is modern as it comes with simple but easy-to-use controls. Through a set of switches, you can set it to take in the Candies, carry out wrapping using the material that has already been fed into it. The wrapping will cover the Candies piece completely and it will be done automatically by our machine in seconds. Within an hour you will be able to get hundreds of Candiess wrapped, a task which could have taken hours if it was done by hand. Our machine has been designed to consume very less power; hence no matter how long it is used in a day it is able to give high quality output time and again.
We offer Candies Packing Machine that has been designed after much research so that our customer gains equipment that works according to their needs and specifications.

Call us now for a demo and see how it works before making a purchase. Our model is highly affordable, so amount to be invested into it is very less, but the output provided by the machine is very good!

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