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Dhoop Pack Machine

Our Robust Dhoop Pack Machine Wraps Hundreds Of Dhoop Sticks Accurately Everyday !

Dematics Technology offers high performance Dhoop Packing Machine which enables various types of dhoop sticks to be accurately and uniformly packed. The packing will be done by it swiftly so that the resulting output is impressive. With so many packing activities to be carried out in a single day, you will find this machine to be useful in doing them quietly and extensively without any breakdown or failure problems.

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Use Our Top Quality Dhoop Pack Machine For Low-Cost, Speedy Packing

Our dhoop pack machine automatically senses the input and carries out packing according to its size. When you place the dhoop sticks in the tray, it is taken inside by the machine and packing is carried out appropriately so that the resulting packed output is one of a fine finishing.

The packing is done in minutes, enabling dhoops of various sizes to be packed to perfection.  The structure of our machine is such that it can take on voluminous packing on a daily basis. It is strong, sturdy, long-lasting and has a design which makes it easy-to-clean, maintain. With this single machine, the cumbersome, laborious dhoop packing task will be done soon.

Pack sealing will be done through heat application to ensure that it is smooth and also tough. In a single hour about 800 to 900 dhoop sticks can be packed, thus a large volume can be packed in a single day. Dhoop sticks sent into the machine are counted, filled into their packing pouches, which are then wrapped using a thin foil and then packed with a cardboard box. The box is sealed and then sent out through the outlet.

Latest and Attractive features: Dhoop Pack Machine!
 This Dhoop pack machine will carry out desired incense packing cycle about hundreds of times per day, according to given specifications. Make your dhoop packing tasks simple with this single machine, which we offer with the latest and most attractive features.

Dhoop sticks are a product that is in high demand, wherein hundreds are made in a single day. You will find our dhoop pack machine to be a high caliber one that carries out Dhoop packing correctly, thus preserving the aroma inside the pack so that when the dhoop is lit, it gives off the perfect fragrance. Call us to order for the best quality dhoop pack machine right away. You will find our dhoop sticks packing to be impressive thus capturing customer interest in your brand!

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